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Updates: Prepare for Adalya Black and more in the coming months.

Our Philosophy

Shisha bro's - for all things shisha.

When we talk about hookah, it's a serious discussion but also seriously fun, passion takes over at times and as it's part of our lives it has become part of our culture. We call enthusiasts and nomads #ShishaNgineers because through much trials, syrup covered fingers and almost any type of charcoal we will strive for excellence to maintain that top level of standard in every sesh till there's no compromise on the quality.

We service Hookah Lounges, distribution to wholesale and retail stores for specialised product lines such as Tangiers (South African official distributor), Fumari - Retail and wholesale as well as Lounge supply, Al-Fakher, Nakhla, Al-Waha, Al-Marjan, Coco-Army & Zanobia, Tom Cococha (only lounge supply), Khalil Maamoon, Top Mark and much more. Our specialty is Hookah/Shisha products that we as South African Hookah enthusiasts do not readily have accessible other than to import, we aim to take this barrier away by providing value and easy access to all the Shisha products you love and want. Premium Hookah at your fingertips.

Soon to come: Romman Tobacco (Jordan), Coco-Urth pure Coconut Coal products, Zomo, Azure tobacco, Alchemist, Trifecta and Starbuzz Dark line.

About Us

Shisha Bro's Team

We are here to bring you the best and latest in the Shisha culture worldwide by providing unique and exclusive products above and beyond the standard selection. We are passionate about Hookah and have over 15 years of experience in Shisha, back when hookah was an unknown passtime, with just a single supplier of hookah products and just 3 Nakhla flavours available on the market we had started our Journey of the #ShishaLifestyle. Today the Shisha culture in SA has grown tremendously and we are here as your fellow shisha smokers and enthusiasts to stay on top of the evolving culture and adding value in making sure you have the highest quality sessions, just the way you want. 

The home of Shisha Bro's

This location is for Order PICKUP, Drop-Off &/or Queries and is not a fully fledged storefront. 

Our storage location - we ship all over South Africa from here, local pickups can be arranged or even your own courier service should you prefer this option.

Should you wish to visit the storage location then arrangements can be made to browse - contact +27 84 536 9543

The Headquarters

69 Church Street, Mayfair, Johannesburg, 2092

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